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Full Colour Walking Umbrellas

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Full Colour Walking Umbrellas

A walker needs a high-quality walking umbrella that won’t collapse or invert during stormy rainfall and also has excellent grip, usually featuring a non-slip handle to help hold the umbrella firmly in wet weather. Additionally, walkers usually opt for walking umbrellas that balance both utility and convenience. Well, the icing on the cake should be a full colour walking umbrella.

A full colour walking umbrella at umbrella store is dye sublimated, hence combines heat, pressure and time to print on the customised umbrella panel. Heat changes our ink into gas, infusing it into the umbrella’s fabric.

Advantages of Dye Sublimation

  • Incredible Print Quality

Unlike screen printing, where individual colours are pushed through a mesh “screen”- limiting the number of colours that can be used in the logo, and also the positioning of the logo on the panel, dye sublimation ensures that colours permeate the target surface. As a result, a higher image quality, with no white gaps is achieved.

  • Long Lasting Print Out

Since the ink is permeated into the umbrella fabric, the colours are infused into the fabric, making them less susceptible to environmental factors such as water, heat and scratches. Thus, a brand message printed on an umbrella remains legible throughout an umbrella’s use.

  • Full Array Of Colours To Choose From

Usually, dye sublimation only limits the colour of the umbrella surface you need to print on, which should be white or light coloured. Fortunately, though, you’ve got almost unlimited colour options to choose from.

  • Offers Full Customisation

Unlike other printing techniques that could limit the level of personalisation, full-colour printing allows you to customise walking umbrellas to great detail as possible. For example, it’s so easy to personalise a brand message design on storm proof umbrellas that has changing elements such as names and numbers, in different colours. For other full colour options we also sell a variety of printed gazebo products - these can be customised on the inside and out!

Four Types Of Full Colour Walking Umbrellas Found At Umbrella Store

  • Metro Full Colour Umbrella

The metro full-colour umbrella offers a huge panel colour choice, has an automatic opening mechanism and is also storm proof, making it the perfect choice for a stormy day.

  • Fashion Full Colour Umbrella

If you have associates in the fashion industry or those that are keen on their outlook, then you understand the need to make sure that you get it right with promotional gifts, lest they don’t use them. The fashion full-colour umbrella is excellent for this type of people. In addition to being dye sublimated, it also has Pantone matched panels for better ingenuity. A wooden frame and fashionable crook handle further enhance the umbrella’s aesthetics.

  • OneBrella

OneBrella full colour walking umbrella is storm proof. It also features an automatic opening mechanism that makes it easy to open when your hands are full. The seamless one piece canopy makes it simpler to print a detailed design.

  • Spectrum City Cub

The spectrum city cub features a great wood finish, stretching from the trendy crook handle to the umbrella’s stem.