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Full Colour Folding Umbrellas

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Full-Colour Folding Umbrellas

A high quality personalised folding umbrella exudes value, care and thought to your business associates. It can fit into their checked baggage, making manoeuvring at the airport easy, an activity that would’ve been chaotic with a golf umbrella for example. It’s also a great accessory for your partners’ employees since they can easily keep an eye on their umbrella in public transport, and move easier at the train or bus station.

Why Full Colour/Dye Sublimation Matters

As you make life easier for these businesses, you could also take advantage of the free marketing a branded customised folding umbrella brings along. Wherever your customers go, they will sure display your brand message when using their umbrellas. Dye sublimation will ensure that your brand message doesn’t get erased as the umbrella wears out, hence achieving the purpose of brand outreach and awareness. Full colour printed folded umbrellas also offer full customisation, enhancing how well your brand message is printed, in intricate detail.

Dye sublimation uses heat transfer print technique that changes the fabric ink from solid to gaseous state, which is then bonded into the umbrella’s fabric. This method is recommended for printing logos which can’t be screen printed. Such logos are characterised by gradients, tints/tones, and colours placed directly next to each other. Additionally, rather than printing on just a small rectangular area, dye sublimation printing allows us to print across an entire panel.

Types Of People Who Love Folding Umbrellas

  • Salesmen

You can usually spot a salesperson from their files, a bag full of products, neat dress and an eager smile. They’re always in the field, hence one of the most mobile employees in a company. Already struggling with their loads in public transport systems, a salesperson will shun any extra luggage. This means that he needs a thoughtful type of umbrella as a promotional gift- a folding umbrella, which he’ll conveniently carry around in his backpack.

  • Female Business Associates

One of the things women think of when it begins to rain unexpectedly is the ruin on their hair and makeup. While walking around with an umbrella is the best preventive measure, carrying around a huge walking umbrella on a mildly sunny afternoon doesn’t make sense. Opting to use a shower cap instead when it begins to rain isn’t also a fashionable choice. This makes a folding umbrella a woman’s best friend. It can remain neatly hidden in her handbag, ‘magically’ appearing when the showers begin.

  • People In The Construction Industry

Associates in the construction industry will appreciate a promotional customised full-colour folding umbrella. Architects, land surveyors and construction managers, for example, find themselves in the field most of the time. As a considerate move, you could lighten their burden and gift them with folding umbrellas that can suitably fit inside their laptop bags.