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Full Colour Branding on Golf Umbrellas

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Full Colour Printed Golf Umbrellas

A golfer’s best friend at the golf course on a rainy day is a high-quality golf umbrella. Promotional golf umbrellas for your business partners are an even better option. The umbrella will not only cover them and all their equipment but also carry a brand message they are proud of. One of the techniques used to craft amazing brand messages on water proof fabric is dye sublimation.

Understanding The Dye Sublimation Process

Dye sublimation is an excellent method of customising golf umbrellas because we can print anywhere on the panel and in any number of different colours. Also known as heat transfer printing, sublimation is done by using heat sensitive inks, which turn into gas under the influence of heat. A combination of heat, pressure and time cause the ink to change from a solid to a gaseous state, enabling the ink to penetrate into the material, to form a permanent full-colour image. Consequently, a full-colour golf umbrella is long-lasting and resistant to scratching. This means that they keep a brand message longer and clearer than other umbrellas that use printing methods that merely print on the surface of the umbrella.

Four Full Colour Golf Umbrellas Found At Umbrella Store

  • Fibrestorm Auto Full Colour Golf Umbrella

The Fibrestorm auto full-colour umbrella is storm proof and affordable.It has an automatic opening, allows all over panel printing, and has the capacity for multi coloured logo printing.

  • Sheffield Sports Full Colour Umbrella

The Sheffield sports full-colour umbrella has fibreglass ribs and pole for sturdiness, providing reliable shelter under high winds and rain. Dye sublimation in this case only applies to the outside of the panels, with the inside remaining white.

  • ProBrella FG Full Colour

In addition to being colourful and having scratch-resistant print, the ProBrella FG full-colour umbrella has several frame options, allowing you to choose frames which match your brand colours at no extra cost.

  • Spectrum Quadbrella

The spectrum quadbrella is a fascinating choice for daring marketers seeking to deviate from the standard golf umbrellas and stand out from the crowd. To help you further differentiate and fully customise your design interests, we offer 11 spike, stem, handle and tip cup colour options. Additionally, a seamless one piece canopy provides the ‘canvas’ on which to get creative without fear of corners and seam interruptions freely. Lastly, the umbrella is also storm proof, ensuring that it remains sturdy in the stormy rain.