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Innovative umbrellas

Innovation is rarely a word associated with the humble umbrella. Since its invention in China thousands of years ago, the handheld sliding design has barely changed, except for the advent of better materials and construction.

Well, 'if it ‘aint broke, why try to fix it?' Surely such a timeless design showcases how robust the umbrella is? Unfortunately, the enemy of any umbrella or parasol is the wind. In the gusty UK, we receive more than our fair share and it wreaks havoc with most conventional budget umbrellas.

I’m sure you can picture the scene: Grey skies and heavy rain on the high street during the evening rush hour. Hundreds of professionals are eager to get off the street and into the warmth of a coffee shop or tube station. One particularly intense burst of wind flows down the street and immediately turns umbrellas inside out. Muttered curses abound, as commuters attempt to fix their now useless scrap of fabric and metal, and apologise to their fellow wet travellers who almost lose an eye from the sharp pointed edges. It’s a sad but familiar sight.

This is why, at The Umbrella Store, we recommend choosing from our range of stormproof umbrellas, such as the Probrella FG, Sheffield Sports or Spectrum. All can be printed and personalised to extremely high standards. These are umbrellas designed to last beyond the initial promotional use of a ‘budget golf’ or similar.

No matter the weather, promotional umbrellas keep eyes on your brand message, and are among the most valued promotional gifts clients like to receive.

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