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Budget Branded Umbrellas

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Why Consider Branded Budget Umbrellas?

It's normal for budget constraints to affect how effective, colourful and fruitful a marketing campaign will be. We're glad to say, even with a small budget, you can still get cost-effective promotional customised items.At Umbrella Store, you’re guaranteed of gifting your business associates, customers and employees with high quality, yet affordable personalised products, including our branded golf umbrellas

Buying a budget umbrella is a great option especially when you are dealing with budget constraints. It is also a wise decision for a one-time event, whose message will be irrelevant within a short time span. Additionally, if your business is giving out promotional umbrellas in bulk, maybe to celebrate a holiday such as Christmas, a budget umbrella suffices.

Even if you're on a budget, it's worth taking the time to select products which match your brand heritage, which is why buying ourdoor products, or even budget umbrella printing from Printkick, our parent company.

Pick the right features for your budget umbrella

As much as you need a cost-effective promotional umbrella, there are certain factors that you ought not to compromise on.

  • Canopy Size

The size of an umbrella’s canopy determines the amount of space it will shield from harsh environmental conditions. For example, the best canopy size for a golfer is around 120cm, walking umbrellas generally are around 100cm diameter, and folding umbrellas smaller still. However there are some notable exceptions such as the Fare AOC XL Golf Mini and the Promo Max

  • Purpose For The Umbrella

Don’t gift your corporate friends who love golfing, a cheap walking umbrella just because it’s cheaper They’ll obviously appreciate and value a golf umbrella more, so, you should find a golf umbrella that fits into the budget.

  • Comfortable Handle

The chances are that users will be carrying bags and other items alongside their umbrellas. This means that the best umbrella should have a comfortable handle with excellent grip. Skip handles that seem bulky or hard to control.

Three Budget Umbrellas At Umbrella Store

  • Super Budget Umbrella

The Super budget umbrella is a great option for large distribution campaigns. For example, you could distribute this umbrella to your customers as a show of gratitude every end of the year. With a little extra top up, their employers could get a better version of the budget umbrella.

  • Corporate Wood Walking

Corporate wood walking umbrella is an affordable umbrella whose classy wood finish conceals the fact that it’s a budget umbrella, selling from £6.38. This umbrella has a variety of panel colours and black steel ribs for durability.

  • Corporate Golf Umbrella

Impress sporty associates with the corporate golf umbrella selling from £6.38, but still maintaining features of a golf umbrella. It’s sturdy, storm-proof (of course will only withstand winds of lower velocities than the usual 60mph), is made of a durable material including chrome steel ribs and nylon fabric.