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Printed Vented Golf Umbrellas

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Considerations for Branding on Vented Umbrellas

Let’s be honest. We’ve sometimes found ourselves struggling with an umbrella that can’t weather the storm, instead getting severely rained on as we try to fix it. Well, you can help your clients and employees solve this problem by giving them customised vented umbrellas, part of our printed golf umbrella range.

The Exact Scenario

You’re heading to work on a day characterised by rainfall and strong winds. At some point, you need to leave your car, hence open your custom printed umbrellas, step out and start walking. The unforgiving winds start battering your poor umbrella, and in a matter of seconds, the fabric has pulled off support poles, some poles have bent back due to pressure and you’re now drenched as you try to solve the problem. By the time you step into that meeting, you look like the heavens decided that you had not showered enough at home. Fortunately, you’re not the problem, but a victim of old technology, which is responsible for traditional umbrellas we use.

History Of Vented Umbrellas

When umbrellas were first invented, they were meant to provide shade from the scorching sun, and not rain. The Chinese began changing the product, coating umbrellas with wax paper to make them waterproof. Within a short time, the trend made its way to Europe, where modifications were made, moving past the wax paper umbrella. As experts noted, the umbrella needed to improve in order to effectively weather European storms, hence the move from wax paper to stronger materials like pongee, nylon and polyester, which were also water-resistant. Just in the recent past, we have seen new technological additions- vented umbrellas. By venting, an umbrella gets an extra layer of material, which enables the wind to flow through, thereby helping it not to invert in heavy winds.

Three Technological Additions That Improve Value Of Vented Umbrellas

  • Double Canopy Design

The double canopy design means that the upper half of the umbrella canopy is covered by a second canopy, where the internal canopy has pressure vents built into it. They act when the winds batter the umbrella, by keeping pressure from building up, allowing pressure to even out on both surfaces. Consequently, the umbrella’s support structure doesn’t need to withstand any pressure.

  • Built Elastic Cord Into The Canopy

The elastic cord runs around the canopy, halfway to the centre, above the main shaft. As a result, there’s instant support when the umbrella is hit by strong winds.

  • Strong Materials

The materials used to make the canopies are carefully picked, to make sure that they are durable, tough materials, which at the same time don’t add unnecessary weight on the umbrella. Additionally, weak joints are bolstered by tempered steel. For our other strong outdoor products, our great range of branded gazebos hits the mark!

Top Styles Of Vented Umbrellas At Umbrellastore

You are spoilt for choice at umbrella store, where you can choose different personalised vented logo umbrella such as full colour printed vented golf umbrella, promo vent, super vent and Probella VG vented umbrella, among others.