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Printed Walking Umbrellas

There’s a joke that every walker knows, which sometimes actually turns out to be a fact. When you carry an umbrella, it won’t rain, but if you forget to carry one, it’ll rain. On the other hand, it usually feels like a total waste when rain is predicted and it fails to rain. So, to be on the safe side, you need to carry an umbrella whenever you suspect that the weather could change, which also means that you need to have comfortable walking umbrellas.

Of course, if the weather takes a turn for the better, you might be better off spending the day lounging on one of our branded deck chairs!

The Best Types Of Walking Umbrellas

You need an umbrella that won’t collapse or invert during a stormy rainfall, otherwise you’ll be drenched. For these reasons, choose a walking umbrella that is wind-proof, especially vented umbrellas that’ll balance the pressure out, preventing an umbrella from collapsing.

For a seamless and comfortable walk, you’ll need to invest in an umbrella with a great grip. Usually, such umbrellas have non-slip handles with the traditional crook handle grip or other ergonomic designs. Although classy, little knob handles tend to be a bad choice for walkers, since they become uncomfortable after just a few minutes of holding them. This is why printed golf umbrellas work so well - they usually have a moulded or rubberised grip.

Golf umbrellas have larger canopies, which offer maximum protection, and better grip for a comfortable walk. Unfortunately, they are harder to carry rolled up due to their size, making them ultimately inconvenient to carry when not in use. On the other hand, compact canopies are very easy to carry around and easily fit into small carry-on bags, but often have tiny, uncomfortable grips, and small, shallow canopies that aren’t effective enough when shielding a user.

Walking umbrellas should be made of high quality materials that are scratch-resistant, and have lower wear-and- tear value. This is because they’re constantly placed on surfaces when we rest, hence should be made of tough material that can withstand the environment. An example of our high quality material can be found on the printed parasol range at Umbrellastore - they last for years!

Types Of People Who Enjoy Walking Umbrellas

With these facts in mind, you can buy customised walking umbrellas for anyone, but specific groups mentioned below would appreciate the promotional items more than others.

We’ve definitely had sporting activities within our estates, which most of the time only require a walk to a field that’s a stone throw away. We’ve also noticed people within our neighbourhoods who stick to their evening walks no matter the weather. In both situations, a creative business can take part in the activities by supplying customised promotional walking umbrellas, as they market the business.

Large corporations often have offices based across multiple buildings, where employees sometimes need to move from one wing to another in order to access their colleagues’ offices. Your business can be a part of these campuses, especially if you’re an associate, by gifting these employees with customised walking umbrellas that they can use to shuttle across offices within the campus.

We don't just sell walking umbrellas

As a full service printer of umbrellas, our range extends from kids umbrellas, right the way through to a printed gazebo. Our gazebos are printed full colour as standard all over the outer canopy, and we can even print the inside if required. They're fantastic for out of home events, including festivals, marketing shows, street demonstrations, rallies, university events and more! 

Top 5 Styles Of Walking Umbrellas At Umbrella Store

The PVC walking umbrella is actually transparent, with a steel shaft and matching colour crook handle. This is a great option for people who want umbrellas that don’t conceal their identities, hence the transparent design. Additionally, it can be screen printed, making your campaign messages clearly legible.

The Fare fibretec AC auto umbrella is great for people who want to carry big umbrellas, but at the same time not bear the weight, without compromising on quality too. This is due to its extremely lightweight nature, stable fibreglass windproof frame, and an elegant black crook handle.

The Fare range of umbrellas is especially great for companies keen on eco-friendly practices and marketing campaigns. For example, you can order the bamboo regular umbrella, which features an exquisitely constructed bamboo frame, straight bamboo handle and classy tips. The cover is made of recycled PET bottles with ‘rip stop’ structure, making this one of the most sustainable umbrellas at umbrella store.

This range of umbrellas is also great for beach walkers who need to be shielded from the sun’s rays.  Having an impressive sun protection factor UPF 50+, the beach parasol travel mate camper, which can also be used as a walking umbrella, is convenient to carry, due to the carry case with shoulder strap and mesh.

The executive walker umbrella is perfect for city dwellers who walk around the city as they go about their business. The great advantage with this style of walking umbrellas is how quickly it can spring to action, thanks to the automatic opening mechanism. Being a popular choice with city dwellers, the umbrella gives you the opportunity to merge with city slogans, thereby improving a customer perception. For example, you can personalise with city slogans that people are proud of, while still creatively marketing your business.

The budget woodstick is one of the best selling umbrellas at umbrella store, due to the executive wood finish, crooked sturdy handle, and a gilt tip cup, all at a fair cost of less than £7.

The fashion walking umbrellas are a great complement especially when you’re specifically targeting female buyers. This is a great promotional tool when you want to offer a valuable gift when women are celebrated, such as women’s day, mother’s day or Valentine’s Day. While you personalise this, make sure to be creative enough, remembering that fashionistas would shun your umbrella if it’s too crammed up with designs or poorly colour-matched.

OneBrella is a bit different from other umbrellas, featuring a one piece full colour printed all over the canopy. It’s classy, with automatic opening mechanism, and storm proof fibreglass. It’s also a great choice for businesses in need of all over printed umbrellas, which feature dye sublimation as a personalisation method.

Getting A Quote

Getting a quote at umbrella store is free and done in an easy and short form that allows you to be as specific in your query as possible. All you need to do is specify the number of items, number of colours you need printed, number of desired panels and any additional options. Within a short time, our experienced customer service team will respond, advising you and helping you tweak your order to fit your budget and marketing campaign strategy, without compromising on quality or major preferences. What’s even better is that we guarantee express service for umbrellas needed in a hurry.