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The Ultimate Umbrella Printing Guide

Umbrellas are one of the most versatile promotional products in existence. Canopy and panel colours, handles, frames and a variety of other areas are completely customisable to suit your brand colours. You're also not limited to just the panel for printing - many of our umbrellas feature tie wrap, sleeve/pouch printing or full-colour decals on the handle!

We've written a handy guide, which shows how umbrellas are manufactured and printed.

Umbrella Screen Making Process

Screens are used to transfer company artwork from digital form onto the product. The screen is essentially a stencil - first coated with a layer of emulsion, and then placed in the exposure unit to burn away the required design shape.

Washing the emulsion around the design area casuses the burned section to move away, and a negative of the design is ready for printing.

After printing, the screens are reclaimed by adding chemicals to dissolve the emulsion, and then spraying down.

Silk Screen Printing Process

Once the screens for a particular logo have been made, they can be used to print directly onto a product.

The screens are set up with the particular ink colour required, and products are loaded onto a rotating assembly. Ink is squeezed through the silk mesh screen and directly onto the product using a motorised squeegee, ensuring a constant pressure for a high quality print.

If multiple colours are needed, the umbrellas are processed in the same fashion, but with a separate screen and different colour ink.

After inspection and drying, the umbrellas are packed and sent to the customer.

Soft Feel Printing Process for Umbrellas

For the soft feel of some promotional umbrellas, ink is prepared to exact standards, and applied to coated paper through a screen.

A roll to roll printing process is used to create multiple transfers which are then applied to panels at a later stage.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process

The process begins with accurately cutting fabric for the umbrella panels, using chalk and a circular saw, into tessellated triangles.

Frames are then constructed. A push button is added to the sliding mechanism and the central pole pushed through, with the two sections neatly nailed together to complete the frame.

Canopies are stitched in a variety of panel colours, with the tips of the umbrella sewn on and a topping ring added. Completed frames are then sewn to the canopy and the frame tips are attached.

After thorough inspection, the umbrellas are packed and shipped to the customer!

Our Top Umbrellas

Pro Brella

The highest quality Golfing style umbrella that we sell. The Pro Brella can take the punishment of severe weather, while displaying your brand to the world. We hand stitch and print the Pro Brella in the UK, so it can be customised with any number of panel colours and print options.


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