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Parasols And Gazebos

Fresh breezes and the sunshine are fantastic until you get too much of the sun and need shade to enjoy the beautiful still outdoors. This makes our parasols and gazebos perfect personalised promotional items for your business. Investing in high-quality printed parasols and gazebos increase brand awareness and are a cheaper way of advertising using ‘billboards’ thanks to their approximately 3 metres or more, print area. Additionally, these items are also valuable to the users who are shielded from harsh environmental conditions such as the burning hot sun and rain, thereby improving customer perception.

Our other outdoor accessories make a fantastic addition to your event - customers or attendees can relax in our deck chairs, and while away a few hours in the sun!

Choosing The Best Parasols And Gazebos

Three key factors should be considered before settling on a parasol or a gazebo. Firstly, the canopy size should be big enough to cover the desired space. Additionally, you should consider the space above head height, and take note of any aerial obstructions such as tree canopies, fences or walls, which could affect the parasol when opened to full canopy size. Secondly, parasols need bases for support, which are dependent on the type of surface they’ll be placed on. For example, surface bases are a better option for rooftops than in-ground bases. Lastly, the quality of material matters. Parasols and gazebos are designed for prolonged outdoor use. This means that they should be made of materials that are durable enough to withstand harsh weather.

As a result, the best-personalised parasol and gazebo will have a high UV protection factor, won’t trap heat or moisture to keep fungus away, and also have fabric that’s easily printed to enhance vibrant, fade-resistant colour.

On a budget for printed umbrellas?

Our super range of promotional golf umbrellas makes sense when paired with the fantastic prices available on our budget range. From only a few pounds per umbrella, we can create a piece of branding which can be visible on the 106 days of rain per year in the UK. How's that for promotional ROI?!

Top Parasols And Gazebos At Umbrella Store


  • Aluminium Parasol

The aluminium parasol is designed to withstand prolonged use. Featuring an aluminium matt finish frame and extensive options on the canopy material, including cotton canvas, the parasol also gives printing options such as dye sublimation and screen printing. Dye sublimation is particularly recommended for printing logos that can’t be screen printed. These include those with gradients, colours placed next to each other and tints or tones. To clearly print these out, heat transfer is used to change the fabric ink from solid to gaseous state, and then bonded to the structure.

  • Classic Garden Parasol Square

The classic garden parasol square has a white coated frame, an easy opening and closing mechanism, adjustable height, finished with binding along the hems.

  • Wooden Garden Square

The wooden garden square is a great parasol for people keen on blending with nature. Its solid wooden stem with mahogany stain frame allows the parasol to complement the environment.

  • TravelMate Golf-Beach Umbrella

The TravelMate is a waterproof travel parasol whose cover has sun protection factor UPF 50+. It’s easy to handle, thanks to a hand friendly runner. It’s also a high-quality storm proof parasol, whose windproof system offers maximum frame flexibility in stormy weather. Additionally, it has a 14mm, 2-section foldable lower fibreglass shaft, fibreglass ribs, and a lower shaft with spike to fix in the ground. Coupled with a convenient carry case with shoulder strap, and a fitting trolley suitcase, the parasol makes a perfect customised promotional gift to your business associates, who can also use it as an umbrella.


The 3m by 3m gazebo is a small size gazebo best used as a business stand in exhibitions and trade shows. It offers a large print area for proper branding, as well as a strong aluminium frame that’s long-lasting and sturdy enough to withstand winds.

  • 6m by 3m Gazebo

The 6m by 3m gazebo is big enough for storing and displaying your products during sale promotions. Alternatively, it can be creatively and elegantly set up with trendy furniture and serve as a perfect room for holding outdoor discussions with valued clients and potential investors.

We specialise in event marketing products - not just umbrellas, parasols and gazebos!

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