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Golf And Sport Umbrellas

Golf style umbrellas are often used as pratical, hardwearing umbrellas that stand the test of time, both in construction and print quality.

Ensure your brand is visible on the move and at sporting events with our extensive range. The cost per impression and return on investment for printed umbrellas is higher than almost any other branding medium - they're walking advertisements, designed to shelter you and convey a message at the same time. If you need any help with print colours, use our pantone colour match tool to do the hard work for you!

After you've enjoyed a great day out on the course or a hard day at work, why not relax in one of our printed deck chairs?

Reasons Why Customised Promotional Umbrellas Are A Great Choice

A low quality umbrella is often a great disappointment especially when rain is accompanied with windy storms which easily twist the umbrella in the opposite direction. Consequently, people opt to invest heavily in umbrellas, spending more buy a good quality umbrella that will offer years of service. This means that when you buy umbrellas for your business or organisation, you will be perceived as a business that values its customers and employees.

Usually, the average promotional golf umbrella has a long life span, lasting for years. This fortunately translates into your marketing message enjoying longer longevity than normal, which also means that you need to craft timeless marketing messages on promotional umbrellas. Additionally, the printing quality should be great, since the umbrella is a walking billboard, even more so with our branded gazebos, exposed to people across borders when the gift recipient travels.

Umbrellas are colourful, which gives you the opportunity to customise them in the most fun, yet professional way possible. As a matter of fact, they are extremely visible, offering a large ‘canvas’ to print your company logo and marketing message. Due to their conspicuous nature, you should ensure that the marketing message is creatively crafted in a matter that will cause people to proudly associate with your business, hence carry it along for their golfing sessions.

You’ll notice that in the UK, people have a trend of keeping umbrellas in their car boots, and another one at their office doors, in anticipation for the showers of rain often experienced.  Additionally, there’s also another umbrella kept at home, all these actions showing how handy and useful umbrellas are.

Clearly, personalised promotional golf and sports umbrellas are marketing expenditures with amazing ROI. However, as you issue them, ensure that their style matches the personalities of intended recipients.

We don't just sell Branded Golf Umbrellas

Our expertise ranges across all types of umbrellas, or even anything with a canopy and that includes branded parasols. Parasols are a great way to accessorise and promote your brand outside, whether you own a pub, bar, restaurant or other outdoor public venue. For companies on the road or advertising out of home, our range of printed gazebos might just be the thing that makes you stand out from any competitors! Not to mention, our parent company Printkick  supplies a full range of promotional merchandise for your next event.

Top Styles Of Golf And Sports Umbrellas Found At Umbrella Store

The Pro Brella is the highest quality umbrella we offer at Umbrella Store. You’re guaranteed a fiercely storm-proof umbrella, whose lightweight fibreglass ribs and frame are hardwearing. This is an umbrella that'll last for year. Additionally, the umbrella makes a great option for golfers who’ll leave nothing to chance in order to impress, thanks to a wide array of personalisation options such as sublimation and screen printing. Standard components when you buy the umbrella include black tips and point, great, sturdy handle with soft touch finger grips, polypropylene tip cup and ferrule.

The Fibrestorm umbrella is our recommend mid-range Golf umbrella. Storm proof, affordable, and featuring a black plastic pistol grip handle, with an optional choice of additional handles. You're also spoilt for choice thanks to the 50+ canopy fabric colours. The Fibrestorm auto golf umbrella includes all the features of the Fibrestorm golf umbrella, but also has an automatic push button.

The Spectrum™ sport is umbrella store’s best selling promotional umbrella, due to a number of features. It’s completely customisable, which means that users can change a number of features to match their daily moods and style. It has 11 interchangeable coloured shafts, sold alongside a spike handle and tip cup at no extra cost. Better yet, the spike handle can be changed, courtesy of the extra 10 optional handles available. The Spectrum™ sport is also windproof, featuring tempered steel ribs, and is wide enough to protect you from the rain, thanks to the open diameter of 130cm.

The Spectrum ProSport Deluxe is made of nylon and polyester, with a choice of over 5 stock fabric colours. It also features a strong 16mm fibreglass frame, as well as fibreglass ribs which increase stability and flexibility in windy conditions. Even better, the umbrella has an ergonomic rubber-coated pistol grip handle, which prevents the umbrella from slipping out of your hand in wet weather. You can have pieces personalised through screen printing, pantone matching or dye sublimation.

The Sheffield Sports umbrella is a great choice for golfers who prefer fully storm-proof umbrellas that have extra room for creativity, in the form of a double canopy. This exclusivity is enjoyed due to the umbrella’s ability to allow an extra colour dimension for stunning designs, which are usually unavailable in standard single canopy umbrellas.

What To Do When You Need Assistance

Feel free to contact our friendly team, which is ready to guide you on the best stylish promotional sports umbrellas, with great personalisation options that’ll boost your marketing efforts.