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Folding and Telescopic Printed Umbrellas

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Printed Folding Umbrellas

Folding Umbrellas are small umbrellas that close easy and can be comfortably carried around.They’re small enough to fit into a handbag, briefcase, car glove box or laptop bag, yet big enough to shield a user in the rain. We print our branded golf umbrellas all year round - so buy yours today!

Benefits Of Folding Umbrellas

In addition to folding umbrellas being small and easy to carry around, they also have the same quality as bigger umbrellas such as sturdiness, high-quality canopy material and classy finish.They come in a variety of designs too, including folding tote umbrellas.

Most of these umbrellas are sold with a pouch, usually of the same colour and design as the folding umbrella, and used to keep it clean and carry it around with ease. Better still, you can still choose a bigger canopy size that’ll still be folded into a small umbrella.

Folding umbrellas eliminate the anxiety and need to predict the weather. Because they’re lightweight and convenient to carry, users can always carry them around in their bags, only popping them out when the weather changes. Additionally, their small size makes it possible to store them in smaller closet spaces at home when not in use.

Folding Umbrella Canopy Styles

  • Round canopy shape

The round canopy is a traditional canopy shape, which is also the most popular choice for promotional umbrellas. The canopy is an octagon with 8 regular printable panels.

  • Square canopy shape

The square canopy shape adds a bit of character to a promotional umbrella, by adding an unusual and distinctive look. It’s important also to note that the printed canopy features alternating four larger and four smaller panels, which could, of course, affect how your brand message is displayed.

  • Double canopy

A double canopy is a great option for new creative marketers. Usually, businesses opt for single canopies and print their brand messages on the exterior. A second canopy, however, adds an extra ‘canvas’ on which to artistically merged the message on the surface, with the interior. Additionally, it adds an extra colour dimension to the printed umbrella, hence ideal for a business with two distinctive corporate colours.

  • Vented Canopy

All umbrellas at umbrella store are sturdy. However, for extra strength, a vented canopy is the best option for a promotional umbrella meant for your associates who live in areas that experience severe stormy rainfall. The vented canopy gets an extra layer of material, which allows the wind to flow through, consequently preventing inversion in heavy winds. Actually, a vented folding umbrella uses a double canopy design. When winds batter it, the pressure is kept from building up, hence evens out in both surfaces, and the umbrella’s support structure, in turn, doesn’t need to withstand any pressure. To further bolster a vented umbrella, an elastic cord is installed, running around the canopy, halfway to the centre, above the main shaft, thereby providing instant support when hit by a storm. Lastly, the folding umbrella needs to be made out of durable, tough materials, which shouldn’t add unnecessary weight to it.

Expectedly, the extra material results in 16 instead of 8 printable panels, which allow a promotional folding umbrella to have a contrasting yet striking and professional design.

If you're in need of a little more than venting at an outdoor event, our printed gazebo range will do the trick just fine.

A little Umbrella history

Umbrellas have an interesting history. They were purposely invented to shade people from the sun, and not the rain like they’re widely used nowadays. They were first created in China, as a necessity for rulers to have some sort of shade for their carriages. The invention then spread to Japan, Korea, and across Europe and Asia. Umbrellas were once solely used by women. They were actually the ancient equivalent of wearing a pair of high heels, which is of course only done by women, hence a symbol of feminism. So severe was this aspect of the society that in many ancient cultures, men flaunting umbrellas was a sign of effeminacy.

Umbrellas were also associated with wealth and fashion, hence were deemed accessories for the high class. In mid 18th century, the founder of English Magdalen Hospital was frequently seen using an umbrella publicly, an act that changed the perception that this was a sign of femininity. On the flip side, although modern communities no longer associate umbrellas with women, people make fashion statements with their umbrellas. Umbrellas are in fact one of the most valued promotional items.

This rich history teaches marketers one great lesson-umbrellas actually can affect one’s perception of your business, hence, the need to invest in high-quality personalised umbrellas in the uk, such as folding umbrellas.

Five Types Of Folding Umbrellas at Umbrella Store

  • Custom Fabric Windsor Folding Umbrella

The custom fabric Windsor folding umbrella is a light 3 stage manual folding unisex umbrella. It features an aluminium and fibreglass frame and rib construction. When closed, the umbrella is about 23 cm long and is accompanied by a sock sleeve. It has two main handles styles-soft feel navy or black handle, or a silver stick with a logo disk, which comes at an extra cost. This umbrella is especially recommended for customers who are not sure of the gender distribution of their recipients. This way, both genders will appreciate the umbrella.

  • Mini Vent

The mini vent is wind resistant folding umbrella, which is not only sturdy but also light weight, due to the aluminium frame. The 16 printable canopies allow you to create an alternating custom design that isn’t only striking, but also professional.

  • Boxed Brolly

A boxed brolly is the perfect promotional gift because it’s supplied in a zipped neoprene box. Buying this umbrella earns you a practical extra, saving you the trouble of getting a gift box.

  • Supermini

The supermini folding umbrella is ideal for businesses on a budget. It’s an affordable personalised umbrella perfect for high volume distribution or fund raising campaigns.

  • Autolux

Business associates in busy industries such as the fashion industry need a folding umbrella that’s easy and quick to open and close, without interfering with their movement or work. The Autolux folding umbrella is particularly excellent for this batch of associates, quickly preventing costumes from getting drenched while being moved on set, for example.