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Choosing the right promotional umbrella

The most effective campaigns, events and giveaways begin with a clearly researched product. Choosing the correct item for your marketing strategy enables your company to stand far ahead of its peers, whilst poor choices hinder the promotion of your brand. The Umbrella Store has years of experience in advising companies which promotional umbrellas work best for their specific situation and requirements.

Trouble deciding between the Probrella FG or the Aluminium Walking? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick run down of the various categories available for corporate and promotional printed umbrellas.


Ideal for a one-off event, budget umbrellas are a cheap and cheerful way to protect your clients from rain on a golf day, or outside a conference. The Corporate Golf is a perfect example: as an all-purpose umbrella, it’ll keep you dry with minimum fuss in brief rain showers.

Unfortunately, due to the low cost materials and manufacturing processes used, we don’t recommend budget items for sustained general use. This is a more common problem with telescopic products, which occasionally collapse in gusty conditions. Many umbrellas in the next price point provide excellent protection and last much longer – providing a better impact for your corporate message.

Mid Range

Sturdier design, improved options for printing and a bespoke canopy set apart the mid range umbrellas from their budget brethren. The Bedford, Metro and Spectrum City Cub are all bestsellers in this category.


These umbrellas are the perfect companion to a long walk in the British weather. With the ability to withstand higher wind speeds and recover from flipping inside out, our Stormproof range are great long lasting products – keeping your brand in clients minds for years to come.


Winner of countless awards, including three ‘red dot’, PromoFritz and the Best of Bestsellers, the FARE range continually provides pioneering advancements in umbrella design and functionality. German engineering brought to the humble umbrella. Trend setting canopy designs including the Jumbo XL Square Automatic and the Safebrella Mini set out FARE from its competitors.

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