Canopy Styles

When choosing your next corporate golf umbrella, there are a range of canopy styles available.

Round umbrella canopy
This is the conventional round canopy shape, which is the most popular choice for promotional umbrellas. This canopy is technically an octagon, with eight regular panels available for printing.
Square umbrella canopy
This eye catching square canopy shape, will give an unusual and distinctive look to your promotional umbrella. This printed canopy features alternate four larger and four smaller panels.

Double canopy umbrella
The double canopy is ideal if you’re looking for ways to make your promotional umbrella stand out, but in a professional and classy way. The second internal canopy gives an extra colour dimension to your printed umbrella. This is particularly ideal if your business has two distinctive corporate colours.

Vented canopy umbrella
The vented canopy is for those who need their promotional umbrellas to perform in any conditions. The air vent allows gusts of wind to pass through the canopy, so you’re not swept of your feet.

This luxury canopy features sixteen panels, which enable your promotional umbrella to have a striking and contrasting design.

The vented canopy features double tie wraps to secure the printed umbrellas when it’s furled.